Sarkhej Roza is a beautiful piece of architecture having a fusion of Hindu, Mughal, Persian and Jain styles of construction. Situated on the outskirts of ahmedabad city, currently this 500 year old magnificent and huge structure is some what in ruins. Other than the mosque and the dargah most of the building and the water tank is now a debris.

Brief History

Construction of  Sarkhej Roza started in early 14th century and it got completed  somewhere around in the mid of 15th century.  Sarkhej Roza  was built in the honour of sufi saint Shaikh Ganj Baksh Khattu.  Dargah of Sufi saint along with a mosque was built initially, thereafter a central water tank and Mausoleum was built by Sultan Mehmud Begada at a later stage

Its 15.5 km from kalupur railway station and may be 7-8 km from satellite area.  Its open to all and there are not much time restrictions.


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