What do you think about the idea of unplugging for a weekend? Don’t you want to disconnect yourself from the continuous email, WhatsApp, and Facebook notifications, and escape to a peaceful world? These notifications come anytime, disturbing our mental balance day and night, right? Don’t you crave for a weekend where you don’t want to click and upload Instagram perfect shots, and just be at your ease?

Let’s escape to a quaint Himalayan village for a weekend over a Digital Detox Retreat, and soak ourselves in the magnificence of nature. The digital detox retreat is bound to recharge us to deal with whatever the life is going to throw at us and keep doing all the great work we do even with more force!

We’ll be staying in a 100-year-old homestay which is a perfect combination of a pahadi house and a colonial bungalow. An old, yet so fresh, smell of wooden floors gives you sweet comfort inside your room. This 100-acre estate has organic farms, livestock, pine and oak trees, a small dam, exotic flowers like gladiolus, a small automatic flour mill, and river Kalsa graciously flowing through it. Adding to this, the scrumptious pahadi meal, a huge mango tree in the compound and an adventurous Bhotiya dog which would not stop trekking with you, are the other delights of coming along for a vacation to this place.

Trip Highlights:
1. Stay in Bungalow
2. Organic Farming
3. Bee-Keeping
4. Nature Walk
5. Village Walk
6. Dairy Farming
7. Trekking Unexplored Trails (Optional)
8. Bon-fire
9. Group Game



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